Press Release

17 okt. 22

Digital Enterprises merges into PXR

Digital Enterprises, publisher of Voetbal International (VI), VoetbalNieuws, VoetbalPrimeur, VoetbalVandaag, GPblog and Babybytes, is merging into the newly formed media company PXR. In addition to Digital Enterprises, sales house NextDay, influencer marketing agency No Fronts and the in-house development division will also be incorporated into PXR. With this merger, the media company is strengthening its clout.

Founded in 2015, Digital Enterprises grew in seven years to become one of the largest and leading sports publishers in the Netherlands. The integration of Digital Enterprises into PXR is the logical step in the company's evolution.

With the merger of the companies, PXR combines publishing, media sales, influencer marketing and tech development under one name: PXR. "The connection between target audience and creator always remains the core in this," says Ernst Keyzer, Managing Director at PXR. "That is and will remain sacred. Especially in a world where media is becoming more volatile. The public is more critical, so attention has to be earned. This is only possible if you really understand what is going on in the heads, hearts and lives of the public."

Real audience knowledge, in other words. That is what PXR is all about and that is where PXR adds value for its clients. An ambition that has been translated through to the brand promise ‘Voor de echte’ (For the real ones). "Look, it's very simple," Keyzer said. "Are you a real one? If you ask that question to a supporter, that supporter understands what you mean. A real fan. A real athlete. A real sports nut. The person who is totally into it. That's what we do it for. Because we are like that ourselves. We are a collection of true professionals." The brand promise is being launched with a brand campaign for the business market.

PXR has strong growth ambitions and is realizing them through both organic growth and acquisitions. PXR is based in Amsterdam and in De Meern. At the end of this year, both locations will be merged at a new location in Amsterdam. PXR has 150 employees.